Social Media Campaigns of 2017

Top 3 Social Media Campaigns of 2017

That’s the beauty of social media; it’s fast acting and ever changing. And the brands that can captivate an audience, win. Speaking of captivation, below you’ll find a list of our Top 3 Social Media Campaigns of 2017 (so far) that have enraptured audiences near. And far thus, increased brand awareness and grew their communities.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb took to Instagram to show their full support for acceptance of people from different places and backgrounds. Though they didn’t directly address it, it was clear from the timing of this campaign (which revolved around the hashtag #WeAccept) that Airbnb was voicing their opinions on recent political developments. And cementing their position as a world-renowned brand with a focus on acceptance.


social media campaign 2017


Political statements in marketing can often be hit-or-miss. Airbnb successfully capitalized on this trending topic to take a stance on an important issue while strengthening consumer perceptions about their brand. Running marketing campaigns that are relevant to current events – whether that’s the Super Bowl, the Grammys, or an upcoming holiday. Airnb makes content that’s inherently more engaging to your Instagram followers.


2: Mr Clean – Super Bowl Ad and Valentine’s campaign

The Super Bowl is massive in America, and a TV ad around game is incredible PR (albeit very costly) for any business. Mr Clean, an American cleaning company, took an unsexy product and made is desirable. They made it in a tongue & cheek fashion with a short video advert created by Leo Burnett. In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Mr Clean released a series of teaser trailers on a daily basis, placing a large focus on their Twitter & Facebook audiences.

By creating a buzz on Facebook and Twitter leading up to the big event, Mr Clean sparked intrigue. When game time rolled around, they earned a grand total of 11,700 mentions across Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram in just one minute. DAMN!


The commercial has garnered over 17 million views on YouTube to date. By adding a light-hearted, romantic spin on their ad, the company was able to capitalise on the fact that Valentine’s Day was approaching, killing two birds with one social stone.

By seeding your main social media campaigns assets in advance of a big public event or occasion through teasers, you can significantly increase engagement and reach.

3: #Nuggsforcarter Sets Twitter Record For Most Retweets

Early in May, a chap named Carter stole Ellen DeGeneres’ crown for the most-retweeted Twitter post of all time – all in aid of his one-man crusade for chicken nuggets.

Carter simply asked Wendy’s how many retweets he would have to get to win a year’s supply of nuggets. While he didn’t reach Wendy’s target of 18m. He still managed to beat Ellen’s former record with over 3.7million retweets to date.

Much to ours and no doubt Carter’s delight, Wendy’s has also given into his request for nuggets every day for a year.

BRB. Off to get retweets in exchange for food…


social media campaign 2017

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– DW

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