speak with your feet limerick

Campaign: Speak With Your Feet Limerick

The Challenge 

A week prior to an anti-pollution protest was due to take place Limerick, Ireland, against the granting of a licence to Irish Cement to burn 90,000 tonnes of waste and tyres as a fuel source. DW got called to help promote this with the Limerick Against Pollution group as brand awareness was est. 5% of the population.

The Project

  • Launched ‘Speak With Your Feet’ campaign across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 
  • Targeting: Government officials, everyone in Limerick, influencers and celebrities and schools to promote the protest

The Result

  • Over 300,000 people reached on Facebook and Twitter, hundreds of thousands reached on Instagram due to celebrities and influencers sharing to a combined audience of over 1m people globally (not everyone tagged the Instagram account when they shared the event image)
  • Est. over 2,000 social brand mentions of ‘Speak With Your Feet’ in the 7-day run-up and during the event
  • 4,500 people marched the streets of Limerick in torrential rain to speak with their feet 
  • Following the march, the Official Objection by local council has been submitted and we are waiting to confirmation and next steps.