Has the business world changed forever?

Next week, two of our fantastic clients, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Speaker, John Stapleton and Andrea Reynolds, CEO and Founder of Swoop are featuring on the same virtual panel. They’ll be discussing the challenges businesses are facing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Business Leader Magazine is hosting the virtual roundtable debate that will talk to entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals from various sectors about how they and their businesses have responded to the current economic challenges. The key debate will focus on whether the “business world has changed forever?”

All insights from the debate will be published in Business Leader Magazine and online. We’re looking forward to seeing what positives come out of this event, and recognise it as a great opportunity for those involved to share knowledge with business peers. 

Small Business Solutions: Social Media Packages for Small Businesses

During Covid-19, consumers are spending more time on social media. There has been a 45% increase in usage during the pandemic, meaning it has never been more important for brands to stay front-of mind.
The current climate is temporary and brands who focus and plan for the future now, will be front of mind, once we come out the other side of this.
At Digital Works, we can help your business utilise each channel in the most effective way. That’s why we’re offering affordable packages to restart your business.
Here’s what we can help with:
  • Monthly Social Content
  • Community Management
  • Ads Management
  • Workshops + Webinars
  • One-to-one/Group Zoom Training
  • Branding and Design Refresh
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Voucher/Giftcard Creation
  • Quick website updates
  • Website refresh
  • Blog Writing


Talk to us today, email us at hello@digitalworksagency or call us on 020 8144 5873

Coming Together by Staying Apart

Good news is certainly hard to come by these days, but here at DW we are adamant about sharing all the amazing things people are doing to support each other during this pandemic. Today we are sharing 5 people/ companies who are going above and beyond to support everyone affected by COVID-19. 
  1. Breakfast isn’t going anywhere.
This amazing company are providing breakfast to school children who can no longer start their day with their free school breakfast. Heinz has vowed to provide 12 million breakfasts to school kids with the help of Magic Breakfast, a charity who provides malnourished children with healthy school breakfasts. Isn’t that incredible? Heinz and Magic Breakfast are encouraging many other brands to follow in their footsteps and try help out at this time. 
2. Everybody needs a little Headspace. 
Headspace has offered the UK’s 1.2 million health care providers free subscription to its meditation and mindfulness content. Headspace aims to reduce stress, stop burnouts and increase mental resilience. They believe that the NHS frontline staff deserve the help and support of everyone during this time. Headspace offers a great chance for NHS workers to the reduce stress and tension they may be feeling around COVID-19. 
3. P.E. class gets a whole new meaning. 
The day the schools closed Joe Wicks had the brilliant idea of streaming P.E. classes at home for kids to keep fit and healthy while social distancing. Little did Joe probably know that this would absolutely blow up and he’d have hundreds of thousands watching him and following his home P.E. lessons. You can find his live and older classes on his youtube channel, ‘The Body Coach’. His live classes take place Monday to Friday at 9am so don’t miss out. Joe pledges to get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive and optimistic doing exercise for all levels. 
4. Feeding the nation. 
Amazing companies like Morrisons, Co-op and B&M are donating millions to help feed the nation during this pandemic. Morrisons are donating 10 millions pounds worth of produce to food banks across the nation. It will also be sending deliveries of non perishable foods, like canned goods or pasta, to local food banks. Co-op announced that it is donating £1.5 million of food to FairShare, one of the UK’s largest hunger battling charity. Lastly B&M made sure each of it’s 650 stores would donate £1,500 of essentials to their local food banks also. All three of these companies want to inspire more and more people to spare some goods and donate it to their local food bank. So get donating! 
5. Not all heroes wear capes… Some wear scrubs. 
Uber is giving away free trips and meals to health care providers all around the UK. NHS workers can sign up with their email to receive a share of Ubers 200,000 free Uber trips and of their 100,000 Uber Eats deliveries during this pandemic. Chief executer of Uber hopes this is a small way to help the doctors, nurses and support staff of the NHS and a way to show our appreciation for the tireless work they do. 
All these show the amazing way in which people come together (in spirit) to help each other in times of crisis. If you hear of any more amazing stories feel free to let us know on our Instagram and be sure to tag us in your stories if you’re making a trip to the food bank.

Swoop Funding is helping businesses access cash amid COVID-19

Client Shout out: Swoop Funding is helping businesses access funding amid COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, our fantastic client, Swoop Funding has been inundated with calls and requests about how small businesses can unlock the cash needed to get through these uncertain times. In particular these include hundreds of requests to access Government backed support, the Coronavirus Business Interruption Scheme.

We’re updating their Linkedln regularly so make sure to follow Swoop

In support of UK businesses, Swoop have set up a Coronavirus Hotline where you can receive advice about improving cash flow, matched with funding options and general businesses support during this difficult time.

Here’s how Swoop can help:

  • Identify and match you with funding and savings options now, based on your specific circumstances.
  • Provide advice, and their services are free of charge.
  • Identify other ways to cushion your cash flow.
  • Help you make immediate savings on your everyday spend.
  • Help you to access the CBILS and other support for which you are eligible.

Before contacting Swoop’s incredibly responsive hotline, check out the designated COVID-19 section on their website where they have split their guidance and advice into key sections. 

The most important step to take first is to register for free with Swoop. and subscribe to their newsletter where all important information is being sent out.


Good News During COVID19 As Of 27th March

It’s Been Raining Good News Today.
What do they say? Bad news travels fast, good news takes the scenic route.
In light of COVID19 all we seem to be hearing is bad news.
Here at DW, we wanted to change that. This blog revolves around showing you some of the good things that are happening around the world today.
We hope they make you smile or laugh or at least relieve some of the stress you might be feeling.
1.  The voice actor from Spider Man offers personalised voice notes to kids who are struggling with anxiety at home. 
Oh come on, you can’t say this doesn’t warm your heart at least a little. Imagine a kid getting an awesome voice note from Jake Johnson telling you not to worry and that he’s there for you. Iconic. We’d love some Jake Johnson voice notes in DW anyway! 
2. Technology has become so advanced that someone walked their dog with a drone. 
Look how adorable that little dog is. It really makes you wonder where technology is going in the future. Although we think the real question is… Who cleaned up after the dog? That’ll keep you thinking for a while. 
3. McDonald’s and Starbucks aim to replace 250 billion cups with  sustainable alternatives. 
Now this really is some good news for everybody. It’s huge, influential companies like these that can really change the world for the better. All of us doing our part and them doing theirs is a recipe for success. At DW we are firm believers in our travel cups so this type of news always gets us going! 
4. Two naughty penguins get to explore Chicago Aquarium during lockdown. 
These lucky penguins got the absolute run of the place as they explored the whole aquarium. How adorable is that? At least the good thing about having to stay at home is that these guys get to get out and explore! We can nearly hear them saying ‘Smile and wave boys, smile and wave’.
5. There is now a Netflix party app that allows you to watch your favourite shows or movies with your friends.
This takes social distancing to a whole new level. Being able to chill out on the couch, glass of wine in hand and talk to your friends online as if they were right there with you watching a movie. Thank you, Netflix!  
And that Ladies and Gentlemen has been ‘Good News brought to you by DW’.

COVID19 – Physical Distancing But We Can Still Be Social

Here at DW we spend most of our time online and are lucky to be able to work from home during COVID19.

The reality is that there’s thousands of businesses struggling or forced to close during this pandemic.

Even in the midst of this global crisis we have seen come together more than ever. A lot of positives have come from this and we want to continue spreading positivity by supporting small businesses on social media.

We’ve launched our #SmallBizShoutout campaign on Instagram where we will be tagging businesses across the U.K. and Ireland encouraging them to support each other during this COVID 19 lockdown.



Three Tips on How to Effectively Use Social Media for Crisis Management

To be effective in crisis control in 2020, shouting to the world from your rooftop or holding dated press conferences just won’t cut it.
In a world of social media, consumers expect a bucket load more than what they used to. Nowadays, utilising social media in dealing with whatever crisis comes your way is a top priority. Here are some of our tips and tricks for effectively using social media for crisis management. 
  1. Know what ‘crisis’ should be shared to the public. 
There are definitely some cases where managing a crisis is best done offline. If the crisis is not affecting many stakeholders, ie. It is a minor or internal issue, best to hold back from updating your status or making the issue worse by bringing everyone’s attention to it. In cases like these, highlighting the issue on social media will probably lead to a prolonged negative conversation about said crisis. So be wise with what you share. 
2. Monitor!
In order to hit this step as best as you can we recommend assigning members of your team to be constantly monitoring and engaging in conversations online.
Keeping an eye on conversations will give you a clear insight to the positive and negative things that are being said about your company. This also allows you to contribute to conversation and control the narrative of your crisis. 
3. Be engaging.
As said above, engaging in conversations online is crucial to controlling the pace and direction of your crisis. Responding to questions and rumours as soon as possible is key.
Try cut out the corporate statements. These are generally thought to be dismissive or inauthentic to your stakeholders. Instead answer honestly, conversationally and compassionately. 
Lastly, we advise reaching out to partners in your industry and keeping them up to date. Therefor, all lines of comms are saying the same message and it’s another way for you to keep control of the narrative. 
Over and out.

New Client Win: Codat

We are delighted to share that we’re working with one of the U.K’s most exciting tech companies, and one of the winners of £5million from the RBS Capability & Innovation Fund, Codat. Check out their website here: Codat.io

We will be managing their online marketing so keep an eye for the latest news, trends, forecasts and team shoutouts from Codat.

Give them a follow on LinkedIn here.

Go Team!

Case Study: Speak With Your Feet Limerick


A week prior to an anti-pollution protest was due to take place DW got called to help promote this with the Limerick Against Pollution group. Eight days prior to the event, brand awareness was est. 2-3% of the population.


  • Launched ‘Speak With Your Feet’ campaign across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 
  • Targeting: Government officials, everyone in Limerick, influencers and celebrities and schools to promote the protest


  • Over 300,000 people reached on Facebook and Twitter, hundreds of thousands reached on Instagram due to celebrities and influencers sharing to a combined audience of over 1m people globally (not everyone tagged the Instagram account when they shared the event image)
  • Est. over 2,000 social brand mentions of ‘Speak With Your Feet’ in the 7-day run-up and during the event
  • 4,500 people marched the streets of Limerick in torrential rain to speak with their feet 
  • Following the march, the Official Objection by local council has been submitted and we are waiting to confirmation and next steps.