5 tools to create engaging Social media content

5 Tools to create engaging social media content

As marketers, we are always looking for new ways to create content quickly and more efficiently. And the quicker we make the content, the more time we can spend on the content marketing. Below you will find a list of tools that might make your social media content creation more efficient and thus, improve your output.



Product: Canva is an online design platform that can turn any idea into powerful, stunning designs and graphics easily and quickly.

Price: Free but if you fancy upgrading then it’s €8.00/month.

Perfect For: Social media content, cover photos, newsletter images.




Product: Adding text boxes over images using fonts of all different shapes, sizes and colours.

Price: Free but if you want to remove the watermark you pay €7.00/month to upgrade.

Perfect For: Social media graphics such as quotes, news and vouchers/deals etc.





Product: In a nutshell, it’s like photoshop on your phone – amazing!

Price: Free!

Perfect For: Pictures of yourself, your surroundings etc.





Product: Infogram allows you to create infographics that showcase your work, statistics and any other information in a quick and simple way.

Price: The basic version is free and then it start’s at €16.99/month thereafter.

Perfect For: Presentations, pitches, reporting.




Cut Story:

Product: This app will cut your longer video into 15 second clips so you don’t have to worry about anything being missed once you share it on Instagram stories.

Price: Free!

Perfect For: Posting longer videos on Instagram stories.



Let us know if you try any of the above – we flippin’ love all of them!

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